From Bali to Belize, from Santiago de Chile to Shanghai

Tweet It’s the beginning of May, and in Vlerick terms that means just one thing: the start of our ICP projects. In case you never heard of this monster, it’s Vlerick slang for our “In-Company Consultancy Project” and is really just a fancy word for a two-month intensive internship. You might wonder, though, what exactly […]

Day trip at Steinhoff International Logistics

Tweet Till recently my idea of what ‘logistics’ involved had always been rather theoretical and obscure. That was before our MGM Brussels class visited Steinhoff International Logistics in early November 2015. Steinhoff is a multi brand company selling low cost furniture and clothing brands internationally. The group started in South Africa. Today it owns 42 […]

Why you should not hire a random business school graduate

Tweet   First of all, here is an admission, I am completely biased, that is because I have been given a unique opportunity to explore aspects of business, by Vlerick Business School that I could not imagine before. So now that we have that out of our way, read on. As an expat living in […]

Bright future ahead

Tweet Dear readers Finally found the time to write a little blog post and give you some additional insights on what has happened in the last few weeks within the mysterious walls of our beloved Ghent campus. Right before the Christmas Holiday we had … Oops! Almost made a spelling mistake there. Let’s give it […]

IMEX Business Game – Congrats to the winning team!

Monday, 14 June 2010, 9:50 | Category : In-Company Projects
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Tweet Before their in-company projects, the students of the Masters in General Management and Financial Management played the Imex Business Game. During this web-based game, they competed against each other and get the opportunity to apply all management techniques they have learned during their classes. The students form a management team of a company that […]

International study trip to Budapest

Monday, 10 May 2010, 8:00 | Category : In-Company Projects, International trip
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Tweet A few weeks ago the Masters went on an international study trip to Budapest in Hungary. Now, instead of us talking about it, we thought it be much more interesting to have one of our students talk about it: After months of hard work, it was time for us Vlerick masters to broaden our […]

Danone TRUST Game – one to remember

Monday, 12 April 2010, 8:13 | Category : In-Company Projects
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Tweet The 7th edition of Danone’s international business game TRUST will be one to remember. In Belgium, over 120 students from Vlerick, UA and UAMS, Solvay Business School, Ichec and KUL played this business game and developed a 3 year’s strategy for Danone “Luvenia”. Three teams from Vlerick were selected to join the national finals […]