Master students charity fundraiser: Small feet, BIG dreams

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Tweet Keep your feet warm and support children in need with a pair of Vlerick socks!  Hereby it’s official: we have started an action to sell as many socks as possible for the good cause: Ckg Don Bosco It would be great if you support this action by buying socks ? and sharing the project […]

Why you should not hire a random business school graduate

Tweet   First of all, here is an admission, I am completely biased, that is because I have been given a unique opportunity to explore aspects of business, by Vlerick Business School that I could not imagine before. So now that we have that out of our way, read on. As an expat living in […]

The last M3 weeks of 2011

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Tweet During the last months, we all required a lot of empathy. For the ice tea peach for kids we had to think what we would buy or not buy if we were a parent. Creating a story, drawing a storyboard for the commercial, (re-)design the ice tea bottle,.. just a lot of creative activities […]

Hello new beginning

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Tweet It’s already been two months since the kick-off the opening of the academic year and already a lot has happened. Music talks, Kinepolis experience, Ice tea adventures everything except long hours of cocooning at home. But before I talk some more about our M3 life, let me introduce myself. I’m one of the 47 […]

In-company project: a Real Life Lab

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Tweet Vlerick calls it an In-company project, we felt it as the first impact we made on the market. I and my mate Kate have chosen between the many options to go for an in-company project at a Swedish company that is developing a new product to release in the construction market. We worked in […]

A day in the life of Vlerick students

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MFM visit to Bayer

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Tweet On Monday 31 January, the MFM class visited Bayer Global headquarters in Leverkusen, and Bayer CropScience headquarters in Monheim, Germany. Our day began with a visit to the Bayer Communications Center (BayKomm), which provides a fascinating insight into the role that current scientific research will play in tomorrow’s world. Our guided tour took us […]

Vlerick present at fairs

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Tweet Throughout the academic year, Vlerick is present at several Master and job fairs in Belgium. Over the last few weeks, we have even been participating in Master fairs all over the world. We have been talking to students from Poland, the UK, Romania, India, Greece and Turkey. Upon visiting our stand at the fair, we like to give […]

MGM Porthos @ Microsoft

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Tweet This Monday, MGM Porthos’ students had to get out of bed early and fight for a spot in the traffic jam on the way to Brussels. At 9 am, our bus arrived at the entrance of Microsoft in Belgium. Two years after Microsoft moved close to Zaventem Airport, they welcomed us to show the […]

International Welcome Day

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Tweet On Monday, our campus was once again inhabited by students from all over the world. No less than 27 different nationalities joined us for the International Welcome Day! While outside we were experiencing some typical Belgian rain, inside the students received a warm welcome from the Academic Dean and were given lots of practical […]