The students

Julie Potteau (Masters in International Management & Strategy – Brussels campus)

Hi there! I am Julie, an enthusiastic economics graduate, currently boosting my international management skills & enjoying a hands-on education in the 2023 MIMS Class in Brussels. Previously, I majored in Business Administration at Ghent University, followed by a study year abroad. I have a keen interest in global operations.  Outside of school, I love to play padel and read books.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Jill Devos (Masters in General Management – Ghent campus)

I’m 23-year-old and I graduated last year as a bioscience engineer in Leuven. This year I’m following the MGM programme and I already fell in love with the beautiful city of Ghent! I’m a social butterfly that loves to hike and run and if you cannot reach me, I’m probably training some dogs 😉 Next to my duties as a Vlerick Brand Ambassador, I’m also a member of the MGM Party Presidium so you can always hit me up for a night out (the success rate is around 87%). Hope to meet you all!

Oumaima El Hazzat (Masters in International Management & Strategy – Brussels campus)

Hi there! My name is Oumaima and I am currently enrolled in a Master’s in International Management and Strategy at the Brussels campus. I was born and raised in Morocco but lived shortly in Japan and Malaysia. I have graduated from Al Akhawayn University with a degree in Engineering. I have also worked for about a year and a half in two tech companies in Casablanca. In my free time, I love watching cat videos, cooking, and catching up with friends. I’m also a die-hard Arctic Monkeys fan. I joined Vlerick because I wanted to get hands-on knowledge provided by the school’s outstanding professors and also make use of the unique personal and professional development courses and workshops organized throughout the year. The main core values that Vlerick has that differentiates it from other institutions is the fact that it takes topics such as diversity, inclusion and sustainability to the next level. As a student, you truly feel that it’s part of the school’s core values. Vlerick also provides amazing networking opportunities, and the Alumni community is one of the nicest most helpful people I’ve ever met. We also have access to unlimited personal and professional sessions throughout the year. If you want to learn more about the school values, the MIMS program, Vlerick’s international opportunities, or life in Belgium, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via LinkedIn, mail or Instagram. Happy to help you in any way I can

Iñaki Peeters (Masters in Business Analytics & AI – Leuven campus)

My name is Iñaki and I’m currently following the brand new Masters in General Management: Business Analytics and AI, located in Leuven.

Before starting at Vlerick, I graduated as a Business Engineer from the University of Antwerp. During my studies there, I realized that I obtained a lot of theoretical knowledge, but opportunities to put this knowledge into practice and to develop my soft skills were lacking.
Next to that, I developed a strong interest in data science, and I wanted to dive deeper into the world of data. Applying for the Business Analytics & AI program at Vlerick Business School was an obvious choice.

In my spare time, I play football and padel and I love traveling and going out with friends.

Feel free to add me on LinkedIn or send me an e-mail ( if you have any questions regarding the program or life as a Vlerick student! Looking forward to meet you all!

Daniel Conocchiari Moran (Masters in Marketing and Digital Transformation – Ghent campus)

Hi, I am Daniel Conocchiari Moran but my friends call me Dani!

I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Marketing and Digital Transformation. I love challenging myself and Vlerick offers many opportunities to do just that! Allowing me to be creative in the scope of academia, fulfilling my need for exploration of what is possible in the business world.

I was born in the small island of Trinidad and Tobago with family around the world (Argentina,Italy and Venezuela) so it was natural for me to become an explorer. I am an active person who enjoys thrill-seeking and loves to wind down with an amazing view on the mountains or with a relaxing shower of sun rays by the sea.

My journey to Vlerick was not the easiest but has been totally worth it! If you are interested to know more about my journey to Vlerick or have any questions I am very happy to answer them.

You can contact me by email or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Eliott Abrahams (Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Leuven campus)

Hi! I’m Eliott and I currently study the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the lovely Leuven campus.

Before joining Vlerick, I studied Business Engineering at the University of Antwerp (my hometown!). We’re only a month and a half in a program, but we already had a hell of a good time!

Besides Vlerick, I love playing tennis and I also love to take my camera to cool places and create some photos and videos!

You can always contact me by email or on LinkedIn!

Virginie Engelen (Masters in Marketing and Digital Transformation – Ghent campus)

My name is Virginie Engelen, a master’s student in Marketing and Digital Transformation at Vlerick campus Ghent. This year will be my 6th year studying. I first studied SME Management at Karel de Grote Hogeschool. Achieving a master’s degree was always a dream, so I followed a bridging programme to business studies. Last year, the academic year 2021-2022, I followed a Master in Business Administration with a major in International Marketing Management and a minor in Corporate Finance. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, but also in the kitchen. Since I was little, I have loved cooking enormously, coming up with recipes, visiting restaurants and so on. A perfect combination for me, in other words, is cooking for the people I love most. Since last year I have also started playing tennis, unfortunately my club is in Antwerp and I am currently living in Ghent during the week. Anyone who would like to take tennis lessons together?

Louise Lanszweert (Masters in Marketing and Digital Transformation – Ghent campus)

The first weeks at Vlerick Business School were already a great experience, a lot of learning, making many new friends, working on interesting cases, and so much more. In any case, I am ready for the coming year!

Hi! I’m Louise, 23 years old and I’m currently doing my Masters in Marketing & Digital Transformation in Ghent.

Before my Vlerick journey started, I studied Communication Sciences at the University of Ghent. As I really enjoyed that programme, I felt that I missed some applied practical knowledge and personal development before I could kick-off my career. Vlerick was in that way really the best opportunity for me.

So far it has been an amazing experience, time really flies. I already successfully tackled some business cases, gave a couple of presentations and worked on different group projects. Being a Master student at Vlerick includes working long hours but you must not forget all the fun activities and experiences that are included.

In my spare time, I love to cook and swim, meet with my friends from my previous youth movement and spend time with my family.

If you have any questions about the MDT-programme, the student life in Ghent, the Vlerick activities… or literally anything else, I would be happy to answer you! Reach out to me via email, LinkedIn, or Instagram.


Sanchit Khanna (Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Leuven campus)

Hello there! I am Sanchit and I’m currently attending the Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIE) in Leuven, the European Capital of Innovation. I am also the brand ambassador for this program.

Before joining Vlerick , I studied Business management majoring in Accounting in Finance . while doing my bachelor’s degree , I founded an online Fashion ecommerce start-up and had an exit . I chose to come to Vlerick  because of its high entrepreneurial spirit .Vlerick has given me the opportunity to network with some highly distinguished Entrepreneurs like Daniel Ek (CEO OF Spotify) and Bart Verhaeghe ( President of club Brugge) .Vlerick has plenty of networking events to offer  ,if you planning to join top corporate companies in the world or planning to start your own start up, I will highly recommended you that joining Vlerick will growth accelerate your career . The practical learning and case studies challenges are extremely valuable, and these experiences really do prepare you for the real world! Vlerick helps you to come out of your comfort zone in the most rewarding way.

If you have questions about the MIE program, Vlerick in general or Leuven, feel free to send me a message by email ( or add me linkedln

Emilie Verbiest (Masters in General Management – Ghent campus)

I am Emilie and I’m currently enrolled in the Masters in General Management in Ghent.

Before I started my Vlerick journey, I obtained a Masters degree in Architectural Engineering at KU Leuven. During these studies I learned mostly technical skills, and discovered that I also wanted to develop managerial skills in a hands-on approach. So I decided to apply to Vlerick Business School, and I can only say that I am very happy with this decision.

So far, the journey has been incredible! Our days are filled with interesting events, classes given by inspiring professors and fun activities with other students who I can happily call my friends.

If you have any questions about the MGM programme or life at Vlerick, you can always send me an email ( or contact me on LinkedIn ?

Marie Spillebeen (Masters  in International Management and Strategy – Brussels campus)

Hi all, my name is Marie. I am currently one of the few girls who is in the MFM class. Before studying at Vlerick, I did a master’s degree in Business administration at Ghent University, including an Erasmus to Budapest (which is a very nice city by the way). When I am not working for school, I am probably having a drink with some friends. Besides this, I love skiing and traveling in general. If you have any question on the MFM programme or about Vlerick in general, don’t hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn or e-mail. ?



Hanne Cool ( Master in Financial Management – Brussels campus)

My name is Hanne Cool and I am currently following the Masters in Financial Management at the Brussels campus.

If finance interests you, but you don’t have a broad background in it like me, don’t be put off. Before attending Vlerick, I studied Business Administration with a master in Entrepreneurship at KU Leuven.  By now, I never went on Erasmus but now I get the chance with Vlerick. In the second semester I go to Nova Business School in Lisbon for 3 months. I’m really looking forward to it!

A little bit more about myself. I like to go for a walk or swim in my spare time. In the past summer holidays you could always find me on the beach on the Belgian coast where a was a lifeguard.  So far the best job I’ve ever had. But that will undoubtedly change next year due to the great opportunities we get at Vlerick to find the company that suits you best.  ?

If you have any questions about the MFM program or Vlerick in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! You can contact me on LinkedIn or via mail (