Our In-Company project at Neuhaus: a quick update!

It has already been four weeks that Alexandre, Guillaume and I kicked off our ICP at Neuhaus. We started without expectations about how it would go: what will we learn? Will we have a lot of contact with Neuhaus, as everything is online? Will we receive a lot of freedom? How is the culture at Neuhaus? Will we meet a lot of people in the company? So, the first day we were really excited to find out answers to all those questions.

All those questions quickly disappeared, as we immediately felt a good connection with Tim, our supervisor from Neuhaus. He immediately explained the project and what he expected from us. Moreover, we would have a weekly meeting to discuss our progress and questions we might have. After that first meeting my team and I were very excited and wanted to start immediately, as the project is so valuable and interesting.

We started by interviewing customers and experts to expand our knowledge. Moreover, we were wondering if our image of a Neuhaus customer was actually relevant and close to reality. Therefore, we worked in a Neuhaus shop for one day and gained a lot of new insights. Last, we have been able to talk to many Neuhaus employees: from data science to customer complaints and graphic design.ICP Neuhaus

We can not put in words how thankful we are for all those opportunities and information we received so far and how impressive the culture is. Even though we will only be working there for 2 months, we already feel part of the team and feel how excited everyone is. The atmosphere is open with a lot of respect for everyone and of course the drive to deliver great results. The same sense of culture can also be found with our mentor from Vlerick, Frank Goedertier. We discuss every step of the process with him and he is able to provide us with good tips and insights as well.

This week, we are already halfway through the project and delivered our midterm presentation. This included our findings of the market research and our recommendations for the project.

We are excited to start the last part of our ICP and Vlerick!

Written by Lara Barrezeele (current student Masters in General Management)

ICP Neuhaus

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