Food is the ingredient that binds us together!

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Food is the ingredient that binds us together!

This quote perfectly describes what the international festival was all about, great food, happy people and good vibes.

Several countries were represented from the Netherlands to Pakistan to Brazil and so many more. Each of them brought several typical dishes of their countries, some of which were a bit spicier than others. Surely some of the students had to go and find themselves some milk ;).

In class or at school, we do talk a lot about our cultures, with food always being a much-discussed topic. Still, someone can try to describe to you how something will taste but it will never be the same as trying it out yourself!

I think I can speak for many when I say that India’s dish was was something noone really could imagine at first. It was a real explosion of flavour in your mouth, which is why some people pulled a face when tasting it

In my opinion the international festival was a huge succes and definitely here to stay!

Virginie Engelen, current student Masters in Marketing & Digital Transformation 

Food festival collage

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