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Hello everyone, we are Nathan and Oscar. We are currently enrolled in the Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and have been working on our start-up Thirty5 over the past few months.

How it started

We came up with Thirty5 by discovering that the disposable camera market was booming again. However, there were many disadvantages related to the use of disposable cameras, such as plastic waste, convenience, price and so on. Taking all of this into account, we believed we could do a better job and we started working on an idea to create the modern version of the disposable camera with a mobile application.

How it’s going…

Starting up our own company has been a journey of many challenges. For example, when we needed to decide on how to develop the application, we came across different alternatives. We considered developing it ourselves, working with other students, outsourcing, etc. After weighing all the possible options, we chose to partner up with the app studio Nightborn. Nightborn was a perfect fit as it was very important to us to find a partner that believed in co-creation and was willing to challenge us from a business perspective as well.

During the ICP period, Vlerick offered us the opportunity to work on our start-up full time, with the guidance and support of our coaches. This allowed us to really make big steps on many aspects, such as market research, setting up a legal entity, and working on the UI/UX of our mobile application for example. The alumni network also made sure that we could benefit from the experience of previous groups.

What’s next?

We are currently organizing a reward-based crowdfunding in order to test our product-market fit and to lower the capital that needs to be raised to finish the back-end development of the app. By participating in our crowdfunding, people can already buy film rolls in advance at launch prices instead of the prices when we go live. This is an incentive to the early backers to already purchase some of our film rolls now. You can find the crowdfunding on:

After a hopefully successful crowdfunding campaign, we’ll be ready to officially kick off the summer with the launch of Thirty5, so that everyone can use our app to capture their favorite summer memories!


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