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Tuesday, 26 April 2022, 17:41 | Category : International trip, Masters in General Management
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What will the future look like in these times of disruptive change? Within our – Impossible Futures – trip to Berlin, we were provided with inspiration on how we can leverage major societal challenges and key trends to become future-proof and create more effective organisations.

During the week, we had 8 inspiring keynotes, ranging from rethinking refugee camps to autonomous driving and the future of work. We also had the chance to visit some big corporates preparing for the “big shift”, such as Porsche Digital creating technologically advanced business solutions, Siemens developing innovative technologies for Smart Cities or McKinsey having an “experience studio” where their clients can experience the changes they seek for their company. But also for example Gorillas, Fraunhofer HHI, Circular Berlin, REDI School, Flying Health… and many more were part of the company visit list!

One of the company visits that was personally a highlight for me (and where I was very much looking forward to) was Gorillas, a German grocery delivery company. Before the visit, I just wanted to know: HOW? How could this company promise to deliver your groceries within 10 minutes? How were they able to become one of the companies with the fastest rising value? And how were they able to charge the same price as in the supermarket? The company impressed us with its vision for the future of retail and the tremendous growth they have been experiencing over the past 2 years. We even had the opportunity to present them some ideas on how and where they could further develop and expand.

As the program of the trip ended on Friday, our class group stayed longer for a weekend to discover the vibrant cultural scene, intriguing museums, cosy food halls and impressive historical buildings of Berlin. This resulted in some beautiful images!

From the future of food, the future of mobility to the future of medicine, this trip truly inspired us and we got to know Berlin as a city that blends creativity, technology and culture!Written by Habi Sow (Master in General Management student)



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