DUBLIN TRIP: A sneak peek into Google’s world

Google VisitSince Google opened its European Headquarters in Dublin in 2003, the number of employees has grown from five to over eight-thousand. It now hosts 70 nationalities and 75 languages spoken, serving over 100 markets. Nevertheless, one of the first things you notice when entering a building is the familiarity between the employees. Team-spirit, accompanied by kind smiles, mark the relationship between on their work floor. Do growing companies need to construct physical bridges between offices, or is there more to Google’s close-knit communities within their mass-employment?

  1. Google VisitBlend formal and informal learning
    Graduates get acquainted with frameworks to discover the needs of Google customers. As Vlerick students, we reviewed frameworks similar to those we saw in our Digital Advertising classes. We were also introduced to Google’s Consultation Sales 7 steps that Account Strategists follow when addressing the needs of their customers. Apart from this, teams are formed by a mix between “nooglers” (new hires) and more seasoned employees. As Master students in Vlerick, we can truly confirm that many skills can be learned by doing group works.
  2. Come as you go
    Google takes a leap of confidence by allowing its employees to have flexible working hours and giving people full autonomy in how they handle their work and their way towards achieving their goals. But, more importantly, Google provides employees with tools to relax and express themselves. In-company gyms are not ground-breaking, but have you ever seen an indoor pool or fully equipped music room? Google sets the bar high for companies, allowing its employees to perform to the best of their abilities.
  3. Look for character, not for skills
    In the broad, dynamic and fast-paced competitive landscape in which Google operates, enthusiasm, pro-activity and customer-centricity are the most valued skills. People from all walks of life come together at Google’s offices to work towards a mutual goal which trumps departments or nationalities.

Google VisitWe can certainly say that Google is a company that allows its people to live, learn and leap, providing them with all the tools, opportunities and freedom to perform at work and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done at the end of the day, with small gatherings and events across the week.

As Master in Marketing & Digital Transformation students, we were thrilled to see how the big tech companies that shape the digital marketing industry work. No doubt that this trip has changed the way we perceive the advertising industry, and filled us with confidence to make the next big leap into the job market.

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