The last M3 weeks of 2011

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During the last months, we all required a lot of empathy. For the ice tea peach for kids we had to think what we would buy or not buy if we were a parent. Creating a story, drawing a storyboard for the commercial, (re-)design the ice tea bottle,.. just a lot of creative activities for this assignment. All in all, creating an adventure from a cheesy cartoon and sugary drink is equal to a weekend of fun.


Afterwards we were challenged to think and understand the working process of a company in the B2B industry. Making a distribution company sexy is a difficult task. Still BD and our professor were glad with the end result we delivered. Although there are not immediately implementing, the sexy joggers to deliver your ads, or all the apps we designed. They are really taking our advice into account. So if you get, within a few months your weekly leaflets in a different format, there is a big chance that it is a M3 idea.


After thinking sexy, we had a task that was almost the opposite, working for a women’s magazine. Not all our boys were fond of this assignment. Reading magazines that write about baking cookies, taking a relaxing bath while reading the newest novel, aren’t activities that we do during our spare time. So a new task, a new challenge, a new winning team. ^^


Although the past month was very busy, with lots of assignments, we still had some free time to let off steam. MFM organized a boat party including theme clothing. We got baptized by the alumni of M3, including nasty drinks and lots of embarrassing moments. And Porthos did a rubik’s cube party. One event that really stood out for me is the M3 cantus. It was the nicest event  so far, a colleague said. I can only nod when I hear this, cause even though I was physically in the room, I’m afraid I can’t remember everything any longer.


Vlerick has to add three words to their slogan: “Work hard, play hard”, since the Ghent campus is totally into the Music for life atmosphere, we added some words:


“Work hard, play hard and contribute hard”


During this week, we have our Vlerick for life week, all the students and Vlerick employees are joining forces to collect as much money as possible., Bake, bike, network, book pile, candy, game night, meatballs, breakfast, pancakes, party…. It’s all for life.



All the activities and parties are fun to do. However, sometimes I really feel like the rabbit of Alice in wonderland, the one that yells: “I’m late / I’m late / For a very important date. / No time to say Hello. / Goodbye. / I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.” I’m always walking with my journal which includes a thousand of to do post its. I hardly have to time follow the news, to buy some decent food, to do anything at all except working for class.  So I was surprised that it is just 2 weeks of class in 2011, only two weeks of rushing and then I can find the time to do absolutely nothing, or maybe not.

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