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It’s already been two months since the kick-off the opening of the academic year and already a lot has happened.

Music talks, Kinepolis experience, Ice tea adventures everything except long hours of cocooning at home.

But before I talk some more about our M3 life, let me introduce myself. I’m one of the 47 students that studies marketing at Vlerick, this academic year. I’m always fond of crazy ideas, parties until the sun rises and singing in the rain. I studied sociology and didn’t want to enter the fully mature working life yet. So I decided to try out the admission test and here we are, at the blog of vlericks marketing class.


The first day really felt like the first of September, kind of stressed out about the fact that I didn’t know anyone, didn’t know what to wear, cause what do they mean with “business casual” ?! However all this drama for nothing cause in the end I survived the first day quite easy. I got to know a few and I was glad that it seemed a nice bunch of people, except the fact that we’re with 30 girls and only 17 boys, I wonder how that will turn out.

The first weeks were okay, got to know everyone better, learned 46 names out of my head, quite difficult if there are 3 Wouters, 2 Lorenzos, 2 Eveliens and a few other girls whose names start with an ‘E’, but as the slogan of Vlerick says: “we manage”.


After the introduction courses we went on a seminar to the hip town of Merelbeke. We did rope exercises, built small villages, the boys loved it probably because it reminded them of “playmobile”. We partied and karaoked every night, got to know some alumni, each other and ourselves more.   The week after, we vote our praesidium and it turned out that the leader of the gang (the M3 gang) will be Wim.



Already at the end of September we had our first exams of introduction courses. It’s quite strange to already study in September, as from the previous years the only thing that I was used to do, at the end of September, was to go to uni. After the exams the first real assignment started, a research about music and consumer behavior. Interviewing people about this topic and analysing the acquired data were the main tasks. The day we reached the deadline to hand everything in, the praesidium organized their first event, a city game of Gent. The international M3’ers got to know Gent some more and we (the praesidium) got to know some juicy secrets from everyone. It was that night that Swa got to know almost everyone of our class and that we found our logo, a duck. The duck that was first part of a ING billboard located on the Vlaanderenstraat. Because we loved the duck so much, we decided to adopt him as our class mascot and made a logo out of it.

Most of the time, a new module goes together with a new assignment. This was also the case for “marketing strategy”. For this course we had the opportunity to take a look at Kinepolis, from a different angle. During this task a lot of us stayed at Vlerick in the weekend and got to know the building better than their own student place. Now we also know the reason why you get a badge, in the beginning of the year, which enables you to enter the school 24hours a day. It’s not a fancy gadget, there’s a reason for it.

After handing in the manager report and seeing each groups presentation, we followed another slogan of Vlerick which says: “Work hard, play hard”. Now it was time for playing, the party swot from M3 organized a pub crawl. Soon after this, M3 also organized a quiz for all the master students, MBA’ers and alumni. It was a tremendous success, the whole AB Inbev lounge was completely filled with eager quizzers who were dying to win. Eventually ‘the king and its servants’, a group of MFM won the quiz.


We’re constantly triggered by new opportunities like business games, establishing a sales class, organizing Dutch course for the foreigners, alumni events, company presentations and many many more.





More adventures that happen at the M3 class follow soon. If you can’t get enough of it and you want a fast update of things that are happening at M.2.1 follow us at twitter: VlerickM3


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