L’Oréal Brandstorm competition kick-off

20th of March we had the L’Oréal Brandstorm competition kick-off in Brussels.

It’s a huge competition with 34.000 students from 65 countries participating!

First, Bibiane Logie (Marketing Director Vichy & CeraVé) presented the history of L’Oréal, how their products have evolved, what their vision is, how they come up with new products and some info on the market. Next, Magali Jadoul (Talent Acquisition Manager at L’Oréal) went into further detail about the competition and what’s expected. After this, Georgi Van Droogenbroeck (M3 alumnus from last year), who won the Vlerick final last academic year with his team members Zoë Buyckx and Laura Meuleman, shared his experience with the competition, even presented his pitch from last year, and gave the current competing students lots of advice on how to succeed like really thinking outside of the box! At the end, our prof. Barbara Briers sat down with the students for a first coaching session to really get started.

This year 2 teams are ready to innovate:
-Team M3: Kaat De Sutter, Iuliia Zhuk, Leonie Deschuymer
-Team MGMG: Sylvie Roosen, Lara van Opdorp, Natasja Cox

Our Vlerick campus final will be on April 26th, the Belgian national final on May 8th, and winners can go to the worldwide final in Paris on May 23rd.

Good luck!!!

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