How technology will not only change the way we do marketing, but the entire future

Today, the Master in Marketing Management class got the pleasure of attending a fascinating guest lecture about the role of artificial intelligence, the transformation of customer relationships and the future of marketing from Steven Van Belleghem – author of the book “Customers the day after tomorrow”.

According to the expert, developing an unique selling point has become obsolete, nowadays, companies should focus on improving every touchpoint with its customer such as service, experience and price.

Moreover, we got the opportunity to ask all of our future-oriented questions; “Are machines able to lie?”, “Is it smart to trust algorithms or should we only trust humans ?”. It became clear that our knowledge about artificial intelligence and its consequences is rather sm all. Therefore, it can be scary to think about how technology will play an even more important role in life. However, Steven Van Belleghem assured us that even though many non-technological companies are afraid of the future, there is still one thing we have to keep in mind: “Machines don’t have a human smile”, which means that they

will never be able to replicate the human emotions and that having a human workforce will remain extremely valuable for any company.


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