Digital Marketing Bootcamp: 3 weeks hydration and brainstorming sponsored by Coca-Cola

Time to get happily serious and plan for fun.

On the eve of Digital Marketing Bootcamp Vlerick, my expectations were enormous. We were going to see – and learn – in all colors! It must be said that the challenge was exciting: in three weeks and as a team, we had to design a powerful app for Digital Sales and Marketing departments of Coca-Cola Enterprises. We had to think of a concept that would attract Coca-Cola products to the target group “Generation Y”. As a team we were eager to face the challenging days to come. Fortunately, we received on our arrival a survival kit of assorted beverages: Nestea, Nalu, Coca-Cola Regular, light, life and Zero. Armed with all these cans, we were ready for the challenge!

The second day of the Bootcamp, following the Coca-Cola company visit in Brussels blew my mind. On entering into the exclusive KO Lab, it seemed as if we were entering into a sacred sanctuary since only certain employees had access. I felt honored to have been demonstrated Coca-Cola’s latest innovations and plans for the future. This was only the beginning of the inspiration, we were also offered a CHANCE TO WIN A FESTIVAL TICKET FOR TWO FOR EACH MEMBER OF THE WINNING GROUP!!! Being the audacious person that I am, I asked Karel Demeester, the Associate Director of Digital Marketing and Sales, if the winner could swap the festival tickets with a job opportunity. We all laughed about it but the tone of my request was taken seriously… Or at least I hope so…

This was the beginning of a race against the clock to imagine the most interesting and powerful marketing concept possible.

Marketing Directors of Kinepolis and Panos equipped us with useful tactics to apply to the Coca-Cola case after having them as guest speakers to inform us on the latest Digital Marketing trends. Currently being in the works of creating my own app idea helped me to apply my experience for this task. Armed with a passion for creating cool ideas, I feel that my group and I had some leverage. Our goal was to enhance an app concept that was introduced by Coca-Cola. On top of that, we had to create a new digital concept all in order to be more attractive to the generation Y target market.

The competition was fierce and I felt it through the gaze exchanged while crossing paths with other group members. The sort of blank stare one witnesses when a championship is at stake. I felt the excitement coming from each study room. Ideas were spewing out, but they remained top secret.

Blessed to be grouped with the team members assigned, we took the task by the balls and didn’t let go. Ideas were coming from all different perspectives which we managed to build into extraordinary concepts. The strong point of my group was that we were all very enthusiastic about the ideas generated together and we kept building them up into something tangible… the question was… would we take the gold?

Lorenzo Brizzi

Master in General Management student, Vlerick Business School 

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