Vlerick Brussels wins first ABI Cup

On Saturday the 31th of October 2015 AB InBev organised the first ABI Cup in Leuven, This is an indoor football tournament for students interested to join one of the Belgian brewer’s traineeship. The “Vlerick Bruxzookas” team composed by six MGM and six MFM students from Brussels was determined to make their campus proud! With the excellent coaching of MGM student Philippe Vercruysse the team went to the extra mile.

In total twelve teams participated in this first edition including two other Vlerick teams representing the Leuven and Ghent campus. In between rounds the players would get presentations about the different types of AB Inbev traineeships. Drinks and food were also nicely provided by the host.

The three Vlerick teams ended up performing excellent during the first rounds. All made it into the half-finals. The finals turned into an exciting duel between the Vlerick teams from Brussels and Ghent. Both teams showed their motivation to win the prestigious ABI cup in this nail-biting finale. Also the supporters were on fire! The end score of the game hit 2-2 which meant that a penalty shootout had to determine the winner. After a fierce confrontation the Brussels team was the strongest and won the tournament.

The winning students received VIP tickets for the upcoming Red Devils game against Spain where they will celebrate their victory to a greater extend.

Congratulations to Arnaud Louvrier, Edmond Van Zuylen, Frédérick De Meulemeester, Gerard Girabent Jonathan Noé, Louis-Philippe Julien, Melvin Decuyper, Philippe Vercruysse, Germain Bahri, Amir-Alexandre D’hoore, Nicholas Liénaert and Maxim Mendel!

“Vlerick Bruxzookas” team at Ab Inbev tournament

Words: Maxim Mendel, MGM Brussels 2016

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