Halloween Reunion

Do you dare to embark?

That, ladies and gentlemen, was the audacious catchphrase of a night to remember. Location of the crime scene: Le Bateau, a spooky, yet awesome party boat floating down a dockside in Ghent.

The Halloween Reunion is an annual event organized by our beloved Vlerick Marketing Alumni. Normally taking place on Halloween itself (October 31st ), this year on October 30th  with no classes for M3 students the day after. Coincidence? I think not.

The noble purpose of this event is that the Vlerick Marketing Alumni Association wants to give the current generation of M3’ers the opportunity to meet former M3 students. This in a very original way. The general concept of the evening was based on the “Utile Dulci” principle, in which “what is useful” (utile) is linked to “what is sweet” (dulci).

The ‘utile’ part for M3 students was that in the beginning of the evening, we were introduced to the sponsor of the event. UNILIN sent 8 company representatives to our campus in Ghent to present their company, as well as the interesting job opportunities. In essence, it is a leading player in flooring, division panels, and division insulation products with strong roots in Waregem, Belgium.

After the interesting company presentation from UNILIN, we were invited to an informal networking event in the Vlerick Lounge, accompanied with free drinks and hot dogs.

Once all business cards were exchanged and the networking was over, the big herd of M3 students moved to Le Bateau, from where the event transformed into a Halloween alumni gathering. Upon arrival, every single one of us received a piece of finger accompanied with a message that read that 10 Vlerick Marketing Alumni were murdered the night before. It was up to us to collect the finger pieces and to re-form a new hand by asking all attendants whether they had a fitting finger piece. If this worked, you probably met a lot of people that you previously did not know before, and you were rewarded with a free bottle of cava. The ‘dulci’ part.

All in all, everyone agreed that it was an amazing event, definitely worth repeating. We networked, we danced, we laughed, and above all: we had fun. On behalf of the M3 students, I would therefore like to thank once again both UNILIN and the Marketing Alumni Board for making this event happen. The group works that some of us scheduled the day after, were less productive than expected, but that again is just a minor detail, and probably something which we still have to get used to.

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Tom Danloy.

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