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These days it is getting too busy, we have classes till 5.30 and there is some event, some company presentation after that also. But what keeps us going is the vibrant milieu and stimulating talks of the thought leaders at school. So in this post I will be talking about some of the thought leaders that blew our minds with the fascinating insights that they provided.

My post will always be inadequate if I fail to mention about Steven Van Belleghem.  He is the bestselling author and keynote speaker on making the relationship more customer-centric. His most recent book, ‘When digital becomes human’ is already a hit. He taught us, how the companies should be transforming themselves in order to be relevant in the disruption driven digital world.

Steven is a celebrated author and I am just noticing that students last year also wrote about him. So another speaker who created a profound impact on me was Herman Toch. Herman is a marketer and also a bestselling author. He shared how he had to question his values as a marketer as he experienced a marketing holocaust in his life. Herman was the guest speaker for our CSR classes and never before the CSR’s lectures were so meaningful. He talked about ‘Happy Profit’, the profit which is not a goal in itself but comes as a reward of doing something meaningful and purposeful. He probed that the organizations of future would more be sustainable, taking people and planet together in their quest of growth. Semco & Uber were some of the examples he illustrated.

My words just don’t describe the experience and the inspiration we have here.

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