Kick-off event Sales Club

We kicked off this week with the inaugural activity of the Sales Club here at Vlerick. Now in its third year, the Vlerick Sales Club has grown from being sponsored by one company into one that currently has around 22 sponsors who promote sales as an attractive career choice for our marketing students.
The evening began with a welcome note from Vlerick’s Dean and was followed by two testimonials from last year’s winner of the sales competition, Rebecca and Thomas. The next part of the agenda was a lively discussion with 6 sales directors and 2 HR directors on their thoughts about current issues in sales and also some pointers to our young students.
We wrapped up the evening with a networking event where the students could go around talking to the different companies and get some well deserved goody bags.

Prof. Deva Rangarajan
Inauguration of the Sales Club by Prof. Deva Rangarajan

A Brief Overview of our Sales Initiative:

Check out our new sales initiatives at:

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  1. 1Lotte

    I really liked the evening, though I was unable to actually be in the room with the panel. Talked to lots of interesting people and I think I got a good “feel” about what sales really entails. Excited about joining the sales club!
    Oh and obviously I no longer need to go grocery shopping this week. So many goodie bags… 😉

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