Godmother and godfather event

On the 12th of September, our Leuven campus had the pleasure in welcoming back MGM alumni from last year. The reason they were returning to their familiar learning ground, was to share some tips and tricks with the new Masters students of this year and officially pass the torch to the next generation.

At 8.15pm last year’s praeses kicked-off the event with a presentation on the Aramis 2013 journey at Vlerick Business School. They offered some insights in the important milestones of their year, stories and achievements, all coloured with a nostalgic feeling. They also highlighted one of their most important achievements, the fact that they had raised 1000€ through events. This budget was allocated to an international student’s scholarship for the next academic year.

They ended their presentation by appointing godmothers and godfathers to current students based on common backgrounds and nationalities. What followed was a night of sharing in an informal atmosphere and a nice gathering in the lounge.

The Vlerick Masters Office
Godmother and godfather event MGM Aramis

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