Godmother – Godfather event

On the 4th of October, our Ghent campus had the pleasure in welcoming back MGM alumni from the past 5 years. The reason they were coming back to their familiar learning ground, was to share some tips and tricks with the new Masters students of this year.
At 6.30pm last year’s vice-praeses kicked-off the event with a presentation on ‘the life at Vlerick Business School’. They offered some insights in the important deadlines, events and recruitment of in-company projects. Of course, there was also time to share some pictures of their activities, even if they were not all course related.
Afterwards, the students and alumni were all divided over the tables in the lounge and could meet their godmother or godfather, based on the number of the table. At first the new recruits where a bit hesitant, but the alumni made for a smooth transition by introducing themselves. What followed was a night of sharing some initial sights and sounds from our 2013 batch mixed with some seasoned advice from the alumni. Be sure to check out more pictures on our Facebook page

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