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Martin Luther King Jr. once said: “Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”.

The members of the Master in Marketing and Digital Transformation wished to answer this humble question by organizing a fundraiser to help the Belgian Red Cross, and more specifically the victims of the 2021 summer floods.

How did we raise the money?

To raise this money, Louise Lequeux and Caroline Feyder, the two responsible for the initiative, organized a sale of homemade chocolate truffles.

box of chocolate chocolate truffles

We offered our products to the students of the MDT program as well as to the administrative body. Our advertisements were mainly via email, word of mount in the class as well as posts on MDT’s social networks.

In the end, we had 31 orders and all profits were donated to the Red Cross!

Why the Red Cross?

As you know, or not yet, this summer 2021, Belgium has been affected by severe floods. These devastated a part of the Belgian territory, leaving some inhabitants still in a precarious situation. We wanted to have a contribution to our fellow citizens in need of help. The Red Cross being an organization that has been helping them since the beginning of the incidents, it seemed logical to us to turn to them.

In addition, Louise has been volunteering in summer camps for many years, so the choice was even clearer.

What did we learn?

This experience was very rewarding. First of all, it taught us how to manage the production and sale of a product, from start to finish. Secondly, it taught us how to manage a budget and how to make the most profit while offering a quality product. Finally, it has taught us more generally to look out for others.

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