DUBLIN TRIP: MDT Masters students explore the Facebook EMEA headquarters

Facebook company visit Did you know that 80% of Instagram users follow a brand? Neither did we, until we learned all about the importance of Facebook and Instagram for businesses around the world. Especially for medium sized companies, Facebook can really boost the growth of their business. With this in mind, it is no surprise that their mission statement is to: “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”
The three lessons we learned from Facebook are the following.

Innovation is key to keep up with the fast-changing technology driven environment.
The number of active users on Facebook and Instagram is still increasing exponentially over time. Currently there are 2.49 billion Facebook and 1 billion Instagram users worldwide every month. Based on this, we can gage the importance of social media marketing in connecting with your customers. In order to keep growing, Facebook needs to continue innovating their products and services to stay relevant.

Facebook company visitAlways keep in mind the creative considerations in making the best out of your Instagram campaign.

There are 4 main guidelines to follow when promoting your brand on Instagram.

  1. Have a clear message and focus that you want to convey to your customer.
  2. Make your brand visible within the first 3 seconds to ensure brand recognition.
  3. Hero your product by putting it in the front and centre of stories and posts.
  4. Play more and engage with your customers via interactive content.

They base themselves around their 5 values, which gives important insight on Facebook’s culture and work ethic.
The 5 values that lie at the heart of the company are building social value, move fast, be bold, be open, and focus on the impact. These values were very much reflected on the success stories of current employees. Besides this we also received valuable information on what they’re looking for in an ideal applicant and how this all fits with living in Dublin.

Overall, this interactive and energetic company visit is very applicable to the content of our courses, especially digital advertising and the digital marketing campaign. We will apply our learnings moving forward in our future careers.

Facebook company visit

Take a look at the video of our Facebook company visit:

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