DUBLIN TRIP – HubSpot: where tech and sales come together!

Hubspot company visitOn the second day of the trip to Dublin, our Marketing and Digital Transformation students visited HubSpot; the fast-growing scale-up. The day started by having a tour around the office. This was followed by a presentation about what the company does and how it operates. There was then a demonstration of the platform. But it didn’t stop there! The company representatives guided the students on possible career opportunities and left room for further questions through an informative round table.

Hubspot company visitWe started our visit at HubSpot with a guided office tour! It became immediately clear that they were cozy, a lot of light and dynamic. As it was lunch time not a lot of employees were at their desk, but we could see some nicely decorated ones: action figures at IT, the tiki Hawaiians bar at sales or just desks decorated with inspiring quotes to keep you going throughout the day. We came across the library that directly had a feeling of being at home, break-outs room where you could work more in silence or they even have a nap room! It is true what they say: company culture is everything and we directly felt we would fit in! They also reimburse your tuition, have a free book program and employee resource groups.

An interesting key takeaway is how inbound marketing has changed due to digitalization. HubSpot fully captures this change in marketing and focuses on Attracting the visitors then Delighting the customers and Engage the customers. This to create inbound value. This new way of looking at inbound marketing is important to understand and to capture customers in a digital age. To Attract potential visitors in a digital age digital advertising is being used. To Engage means trying to create leads out of visitors and make them customers. Delighting the customers means to create promotors. To make sure that your customers become actual promotors of your business. The change in inbound marketing in this digital age is very important and it is interesting how HubSpot is able to use their products to help companies capture this new way of inbound marketing.

Hubspot company visitSince HubSpot is rapidly growing and seizing every opportunity they get, the company is continuously hiring. The tech scale-up has great internships and full-time  graduate positions in different fields. For Marketing & Digital Transformation students they offer graduate roles in Sales, Customer Support and Product & Engineering. We had the opportunity to talk with employees in different roles and with different experience levels. They were very open in sharing their journey, success stories and challenges they face on a daily basis. The HubSpot employees also gave us a clear view on relocating to Dublin and life in Ireland. Lastly, we went over the different stages of the application process and how to optimize our chances.
HubSpot’s most important asset are the people! You work together with people who are as motivated and devoted as you are!


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