Recap: The Vlerick Boardroom Series

Friday, 5 February 2021, 13:40 | Category : Career Event, Vlerick Experience
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Boardroom Series

Last week, Vlerick offered us the opportunity to meet up online with some top entrepreneurial leaders who are a member of the Vlerick Board or Vlerick General Council. For this Recap, I have gathered quotes and key takeaways from the participants. It was wonderful to learn from these passionate and skilled leaders, we all got energised to pursue our future goals and are eager to connect with the extended Vlerick network.

Hi Daphne (current MGM student), how was your meeting with Frans Muller (President & CEO, Ahold Dehlaize)?

Frans Muller inspired us with the story of his incredible career path. He gave us his insights into how to select the right career opportunities and shared with us that he still gets very motivated every single day to work hard. I learned that, when looking for challenges, you need to determine for yourself some criteria that need to be met by the challenge. Only when multiple of those factors are met, you have to take the risk and go for a next career challenge!

Frans Muller


Hi Dries (current MIE student), can you tell us something about your meeting with Louis Jonckheere (Co-Founder Showpad)? 

Louis JonckheereThe positivity for the future was remarkable, thanks to his inspirational vibe, he strengthened my entrepreneurial fire even more! Let’s solve problems & let’s get down to business.

“Based on his own experience, Louis pointed out that self-confidence and motivation are key to success.” Charly (current MIE student)

Thanks again for sharing your inspiring story with us, Louis (Co-Founder Showpad)! Could you explain why it is important for you to attend these kind of events?

The Vlerick community has given me so much over the last 10 years when building my entrepreneurial career, I want to give back and pay it forward to the next generation of talented and driven business leaders.

And how about you Stefano (current MIMS student), how was your meeting with Kristine De Valck (Professor Marketing, HEC Paris)? 

Hi Thijs, it was a nice chat with her. I am glad that I have participated, because we discussed extensively about how to tackle the job market and the key differences in teaching style between HEC and Vlerick. As key takeaway, I would say the following:

“The chat with Kristine De Valck reinforced my confidence in approaching the job market in such a turbulent time”. Stefano (current MIMS student)

Hi Grégoire (current MIE student), how was your meeting with Herman Daems (Chairman Board of Directors, BNP Paribas Fortis)?

Insights from the boardroomHey Thijs, it was interesting! Firstly, he thinks that bank agencies have to change what they do, since normal banking is done automatically at home. Banks should move more to “private banking” services.

Secondly, there was no real big stock market crash, despite the real economy being slowed down in Covid-times. This is actually normal, since it is not like a war, both the supply and the demand haven’t moved that much. The economy should restart fast, once the restrictions are gone. On top of that, due to the lower interest rates, it is easier for big companies to finance themselves, so their value increases.

“Try to provide cash from yourself, before going for help from banks and other investors”. Arrya (current MIE student)

What about you, Eva (current MGM student)? How did you experienced your meeting with Herman Daems?

We talked about the content from his book: ‘Insights from the Boardroom’, (‘Geheimen van de bestuurskamer’). It is a must-read to learn more about corporate governance, the past and future from (international) Boardrooms. The critical analysis of the function of a board of directors is broadly explained in the book, and foresees unique insights by the expert, Herman Daems.

And last, but certainly not least, Jacques (current MIE student) shared the favourite poem from Rudy Provoost (Founder, Managing Director, YQUITY)The road not taken

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