How knowledge from the past supports the future

Thursday, 4 February 2021, 13:54 | Category : Career Event, Event, Vlerick Experience
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“Learning from your mistakes, people appreciate that.” That is exactly what Mr. Frans Muller, CEO of Ahold Delhaize, told us during the Boardroom Series. Using old knowledge to pursue your goals in order to make a difference. One hour later we elaborated further on this “future success” topic with Mr. Louis Jonckheere, Vlerick alumnus and co-founder of Showpad. Looking into the future, he advised us to “Continuously look up. I want to get to that level.” Not only did we talk about how to move ahead as a young entrepreneur. They also both shared how they walk the talk in their own careers.

Frans advised our current generation to: “Do not be afraid, making mistakes gives you energy to learn from. Create your own goal, your own purpose. What can I do so nobody gets left behind?” While doing so: “Successful entrepreneurs have an ethical compass, personally I want to contribute to a healthier society. A better chain called responsibility.”

Frans Muller, CEO of Ahold Delhaize

Louis his advice for our current Vlerick students was to: “Ask yourself what are your superpowers? Make things happen, take initiative. I started a business to rent out karaoke machines. Vlerick pushed me out of my comfort zone but they also put me in the position to elevate myself.”

Personally, I conclude that your goal will become more clear once you take the initiative to move forward. While doing so make sure you act right. Or as Louis would describe it: “Be persistent – be insane – be willing – be driven and the believe in the vision keeps you going. Vlerick is the best time to start a business.”

Louis Jonckheere, Showpad

Written by Dries De Mey (current Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship student)

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