My first week at Vlerick Business School

Friday, 2 October 2020, 13:37 | Category : Masters in General Management
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The first of September, our Vlerick adventure started officially with the virtual kick-off, where we got to know the program directors and the other students.

Almost directly after the kick-off, it was time for our first class: presentation skills taught by Prof. Goedertier. To be honest, beforehand I was afraid of the impact online learning would have on this particular course. However, Prof. Goedertier made sure that we learned a lot. Sometimes the whole group was shouting answers to the screen, other times we were discussing our elevator pitch in break out rooms or discussing speeches from Steve Jobs. The class was organized so well remotely, that I don’t believe we missed any learning opportunities.

The third of September, an exciting day was planned for us: our first time on campus, a photoshoot and our presentations. After getting to know the campus and also the other students in real life and giving our best smiles to the camera, it was time to deliver our presentations. You could feel the energy rising in the room as everyone was as well excited as nervous to present. The first presenters started and immediate I was intrigued, the level of all the presentations was extremely high: both the subjects and the presentation styles. The subjects were very diverse: from a trip to Mars, to building your own business, to Balthasar Boma and Mustaches. You have to believe me, you couldn’t have left the room without feeling inspired.

Lara BarrezeeleFriday, we had the introduction to financial accounting, taught by Prof. Stouthuysen. In just one session we were able to make the balance sheet, income statement,…

It proved me that we definitely are going to learn a lot, I am excited for everything that has yet to come!

Written by Lara Barrezeele (current Masters in General Management Student, Leuven)

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