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Growth hacking is a hot and trendy topic, but we have noticed that not a lot of people are familiar with it – including us. Which is why we created vlogs explaining what growth hacking is, how we are implementing some of its tactics on our consultancy project and how to balance this new phenomenon with traditional academic concepts and methods.

Be aware that this is a series of vlogs. In order to get the whole overview we strongly recommend you to subscribe on our channel (Duval Union Consulting) to stay up-to-date. Enjoy!

Vlog 1: Intro to our Growth Hacking Journey

Now that you’re introduced to growth hacking we’re able to take it a step further. The following vlog will teach you how to come up with the best unique value proposition (UVP) and unique selling proposition (USP) and how to digitally pitch your UVP.

During the upcoming vlogs we will show you how to split test and we’ll take you through the different steps of setting up a go-to-market strategy. Enjoy!

Vlog 2: Growth Hacking, How To Get Started!

Last weeks was all about setting you op to start your growth hacking efforts. However, now we will deep-dive in one particular growth hack called ‘A/B-testing’, or as some like to call it ‘SPLIT-TESTING’. This is mainly done with one goal in mind – improving landing page conversion. In this vlog we’ll take you through our process, how we applied split testing and what the results were. We also discuss a variety of tools to do it yourself and show you how to set up your own A/B test via one of these online tools!

Vlog 3: A/B Split Testing for Improving Landing Page Conversion

Nicolas, Britt and Eline

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