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A few weeks ago the Masters went on an international study trip to Budapest in Hungary. Now, instead of us talking about it, we thought it be much more interesting to have one of our students talk about it:

After months of hard work, it was time for us Vlerick masters to broaden our horizons. What better destination than Budapest, the (other) heart of Europe? As no less than 150 students from the Leuven and Ghent campus joined, we were definitely in for an adventure.

In all honesty, most of us knew little about Hungary and had no idea what to expect. This was set straight during several lectures at the Central European University (CEU), located in the center of Budapest.

Four professors painted a picture of this intriguing country, each using a different brush when discussing Hungary’s rich history, political climate and economy. They did not shy away to cast a critical eye. Corruption is still prevalent in Hungary today and this poses serious challenges. Nevertheless, the ever-developing business environment offers many opportunities.

Company visits allowed us to discover the Hungarian business world ourselves. We were welcomed by both Hungarian firms and multinationals that entered Hungary. Companies like Nokia and General Electrics showed us how managing across cultures takes form in Hungary.

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Budapest revealed its beauty during a city tour. We enjoyed more of its couleur locale with a wine tasting and traditional dinner. Some of us got well acquainted with Palinka, an Hungarian specialty that lifts the spirits.. And what about a dinner buffet while floating on the Danube in a luxury boat? Breathtaking views on the illuminated city topped it off.

Our trip proved to be the perfect mix of business and pleasure. Budapest, leaving with great memories and lots of new friends!

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