Nespresso-Vlerick Challenge 2020-2021: One Planet. What else? ☕

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to present a marketing campaign for senior and top management of Nestlé Nespresso in a contest together with my team mates Sara Blocquiaux and Nathan Holzken. It was an incredible experience, with many groups from all Vlerick Business School campuses presenting amazing ideas.

Nespresso-Vlerick Challenge 2020-2021

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that we have been awarded the first place in this contest with our ‘One Planet’ campaign, an incredible way to close off our Marketing Management course.

Lastly, we would like to thank Frank Goedertier (Marketing professor at Vlerick) , Joeri Van den Bergh (Co-Founder & Managing Partner InSites Consulting), Stephane Detaille (Marketing Director at Nespresso Belux), Oliver Perquy (Managing Director at Nestlé Nespresso SA Belgilux), Françoise Baumans (CRM Insights & Marketing Club Communication manager at Nespresso), and Michel Mersch (CEO at Nestlé Belgilux) for this unique opportunity and we look forward to the next challenge.

Nespresso-Vlerick Challenge 2020-2021

Many thanks for all the amazing campaigns we witnessed and congratulations to all participating and winning teams!

Maxime van den Besselaar (Masters in General Management, Leuven)

Nespresso-Vlerick Challenge 2020-2021

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