Lufthansa Strategy Trip

Tuesday, 12 February 2019, 16:14 | Category : Company Visit, Master in International Management and Strategy
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Before taking a well deserved Winter Break the MIMS students combined their passions for strategy and travel with a trip to Lufthansa headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. Several weeks before, the program was split into four groups and each was given their own unique challenge to tackle relating to corporate responsibility. As a company, Lufthansa has vowed to take Corporate responsibility as one of their main pillars of focus and the tasks given reflected that greatly. Ranging from challenges focused on the industry as a whole to Lufthansa’s specific role within the world of sustainability. After a great deal of research the groups collaborated their findings, overall recommendations, and creative ideas into dynamic presentations for Lufthansa’s strategy/CR department. Over the course of two days these presentations were given and accompanied by feedback and discussion with Lufthansa’s staff. Like many opportunities in the program, Vlerick students were excited to apply their knowledge outside the academic walls of their institution to help a real company. In addition to presenting their work, students also had the opportunity to hear more about Lufthansa as a company with presentations from their strategy department. As a special treat, students were even given a tour of the behind the scenes meeting grounds for the pilots that make Lufthansa’s success possible. Here they were guided by a pilot himself who showed the students where pilots meet before flights, brief the crew, and just how much they take into account to ensure a safe and pleasant flight for passengers. Thank you again to Lufthansa for an unforgettable learning experience!

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