Ab InBev Operations Management Visit

This past week I had the pleasure along with classmates from all three campuses to visit the Ab InBev Brewing facilities in Leuven for our Operations Management class. Despite what some may think, we were not just there for the beer. Our assignment was to use concepts from class to evaluate and observe the operational processes Ab InBev uses to produce and package its’ beer. We then used this information to create an in class presentation and had the opportunity to learn about the places our other classmates visited as well. Throughout the 2 hour brewery tour we were able to apply knowledge learned in class in a real life context. The tour included a walk through of the brewing and bottling facilities. While in these areas we were able to see all the work that goes into making the best beers in the world. In the brewing facilities, we were privileged enough to get an inside look into the craft behind every step of the brewing process and learn about the quality ingredients used to make their beer so delicious. We also learned about the company KPIs (Key performance Indicator) and how they motivate their employees to reach these set performance goals. In the bottling facilities, we learned the precise science behind making sure every bottle filled is just as good as the rest. Personally, seeing how much the company concentrates on both efficiency and sustainability was inspiring from an operational perspective. One of the most impressive things we learned was that 99.9% of materials used are completely recycled and Ab InBev is still continuing to work to find creative ways to eliminate waste. Those that know me know how important I believe sustainability is and it is clear that Ab InBev has that mindset as well! From an efficiency perspective, the operational lead emphasized that Ab InBev is always focused on sustainable solutions that will not only solve present issues but prevent future ones. To conclude the tour we were then lucky enough to put our taste buds to the test with a complimentary Stella Artois while learning about career opportunities at Ab InBev. All in all it was a very informative and fun day for my fellow Vlerick Masters students and I.

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